Saturday, November 22, 2008

more of the wisdom of dr tenpenny's research

my favourite site is mothering. it is all about natural living and choices that often are not status quo in this society. this place is a respite and an incredible place of knowledge, research and information. i can't even measure how much i have learned over the past several years.

currently i am reading a book about childhood vaccinations, one of many i have already peeled through. but dr tenpenny kind of piles all the research together and presents the facts about vaccines in a way that most dr.s won't - she talks about the risks, how long immunity lasts, and more.

here are a few of the points from a post over at the site that i am noting here so that i have them handy, that i remember why i am not giving any vaxes to my son.


"Immunity" from either OPV or IPV only lasts 6-8 years. More than 90% of Polio cases are simple viral infections almost identical to the flu & equals lifelong immunity."


In generalized Tetanus, RECOVERY can take several weeks to several months (without the vaccine!)
Incubation is 8-14 days.

**16 out of 124 patients with tetanus had received 4+ doses of the tetanus vaccine. No absolute protection from the vaccine.

Vaccine antibodies can last up to 50 years

Tetanus precaution: make punctures bleed. Wash out with hydrogen peroxide. Replace open bottles of peroxide often (every 3 months) because it's the oxygen that kills the tetanus. Keep Neosporin on hand.Ledum & Hypericum are excellent homeopathic remedies.

Chicken pox:

The vaccine came out in 1991. It's a weakened virus that has been passed through guinea pig tissue & aborted fetal tissue.

Antibodies last (at the most) 10 years - maybe more like 5 years.

The chicken pox vaccine has been proven to shed (meaning it can cause chicken pox in other individuals.)

Risk of severe fatal disease: .7/100,000 in children - 25/100,000 in adults.

1 in 5,000 children develop shingles within 10 years after vaccinating for chicken pox.



WORLDWIDE death rate in 1920 - 1.6% (!!!)

In 1955, measles death rate was less than 3 in 10,000,000.

In 1963, the measles vaccine was introduced.

Best treatment for measles: Vitamin A 200,000 IU X 2 days. Repeat once a week for a month.

*IF* you choose to give the measles (or MMR) vax, give vitamin A prior to vaccine & afterwards.

MMR is believed to cause many mini-strokes in children which lead to Autism.

In 1985, children received 18 vaccines by 18 months, 33 by age 5.

In 2008, children receive 113 vaccines by kindergarten & 156 vaccines by 11-12 years of age. This does not include the chemical doses.

Dr. Tenpenny believes that our crazy incidence of peanut allergies is due to gelatin & polysorbate 80 in vaccines (also the latex in the stoppers.) Gelatin has a cross-reactivity with tree nuts & peanuts aren't a big leap from tree nuts."

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