Saturday, June 10, 2006

buh bye mercury

i have completed the process of having the mercury sawed, pulled and chipped out of my mouth
it is all gone

i knew that i needed to replace the fillings i had which, according to my naturopathic doctor, all fell along my thyroid lines. so i had them all taken out
and the metal is gone

now i am in the process of detoxing
not only in an effort to remove the mercury that may still be present from the mercury amalgam fillings, but also from the countless immunizations that almost all have had a mercury-ethyl base
none of this is meant to be in the body let alone my mouth

if you are interested in mercury and detoxing...well i am linking to my dentist's website who uses the least toxic materials available and is also well versed in craniosacral work, and trigger points too (speaking my massage therapist language!)

Monday, June 05, 2006

the pad to be

steve and i move at the end of july
psyched...hell ya
went out and feted at a french resto in the market...champagne and had to put a few more pics of the place up. sweet that we will own all of this!

so who is this cutie...

no i don't mean me...this is me and andrew, my friend sue's 2 month old. steve and i paid a visit on sunday afternoon. he snored on my shoulder while we all caught up on the week's events.
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