Sunday, December 31, 2006


i wrote an article about this for my website over at about
but that had to do with travel and nothing to do with me

given that i am 5 months pregnant i think that the only important resolution is to take care of myself so that the little kicker is healthy

and the other one is to finally post before and after pics of the house

am missing some big get togethers in toronto this holiday season
but am content to stay here in ottawa
the parents are here
my brother has moved in
and i can walk anywhere i need to go


maybe keeping life simple will be another resolution to tack on

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


went to the experimental farm today
it is a working farm in the geographic centre of ottawa
and people wonder why it is so hokey around here!

fun pics, especially with roisin there

Saturday, December 16, 2006

reconnecting the bumps

spent several days in toronto and thornhill last week
and what was nice was
a. i passed my acupressure exam so i am now certified in tibetan acupressure
b. i had time to see my family which included a whopping three hour shopping spree with my dad in his search for sweaters and pjs for himself (he bought a stunning pair replete with birds!
c. i saw some of the old air canada gang. my friend samanntha is also pregnant, and is 5wks ahead of me and this is the first time in our nearly 12yrs of friendship that i did not see her with a flat stomach!

it seems that a lot of my long term friends are pregnant for the first time this year...two are ahead of me and two are behind...but none of them live in ottawa! guess i will continue to use my passes to visit the other ladies and their bumps

where is the damn snow already! it just doesn't feel festive without the white stuff

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the weird thing...

...about being a massage therapist is you really have no idea of what your work feels like
i mean i can do a lot of acupressure points to myself
and an upper traps release
but i have no idea what my massage really feels like
i know for the most part i do a pretty good job
i never realised you could work at something and receive so much positive feedback
and be constantly reading and learning more about conditions and how they affect the body
how i alter the treatment
how i feel the difference in the muscle...see it flush...feel the heat soar to the surface
and it i suppose part of the human condition is to be validated
i receive it from sometimes embarassingly high praise
clients receive it from having their concerns acknowledged and felt by someone else to know it's all real

and validated too as december ushers its cold breezes in
i receive little presents and cards from my regular clients
its really sweet
and moving
and appreciated
and that i am making my own little difference in the world around me
one can only feel blessed!
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