Saturday, January 28, 2006

A prayer before treatment

I respect those that I treat and meditate before I start working with my hands to treat my clients
I ask that I be conscious of the client's condition
I ask that I be sensitive enough to feel any muscular/joint/circulatory/etc. restrictions so that I may make a difference
I ask that I be guided to be aware of any restrictions so that I can devise a treatment plan even after the session is complete so that the client can take part in his/her healing/maintenance/betterment

na a na wa roka payati vinas santi....I pray for the one whom I touch, that he will be happy and that any illness will be released from him

Thursday, January 26, 2006

still jet-lagged

how a time difference can make a difference
having spent the past few weeks in northern thailand, 12hrs ahead of us in est, i had a bit of an adjustment on the trip home
not only that
but it was a long way home
chiang mai to bangkok
bangkok to frankfurt
frankfurt to montreal
montreal to ottawa
or in icao code cnx-bkk-fra-yul-yow
lufthansa from bangkok to montreal was the worst of the flights
not only because it was a 12hr flight
but the flight was crap
i had a bulky swede seated next to me who took over 1/4 of my seat space
the flight had less of a seat pitch than most domestic flights i've been on
read - very very tight
and there wasn't much in terms of diversions - food entertainment etc
and of course the transition from dry low 30s to canadian winter welcome to montreal weather was chilly
but i learned so much during my stay in thailand
that the 33hrs to get home
and the subsequent lingering jet lag are worth it
or will be when i stop getting up "naturally" at 530am no matter what time i go to bed at

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

back in yow

well you may have figured that i have been away

yep, a few weeks in northern thailand to get my credentials in nuad bo rarn - the northern version of thai massage

am very jet lagged - did the election really make harper prime minister or am i caught in a time zone 12hrs ahead?

regardless, i am off to the airport...not to fly, but to work

more blogging, catching up, fill up the january blog

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

tis the season...for the best of

..for best of lists
so this is my top ten of my fave places in the world outside of canada
....hmmm in no particular order...

1. yangshuo, china - relaxed and beautiful karst hills...i could stay there forever!
2. hong kong - crazy chaotic civilized charming
3. chiang mai, thailand - and i am going back! spiritual and peaceful with simple beautiful traditions
4. grand cayman, cayman islands - spectacular beaches, easy to get around, hmmmm sweet caribbean breezes!
5. las vegas - aka lost wages...over the top but so much damn fun
6. grand canyon, arizona - try and deny the existence of a greater power in the universe after experiencing the gc
7. trogir, croatia - beautiful setting, beautiful people, warm adriatic waters...perfect
8. corfu, greece - lush, stunning and dramatic... love greece
9. granada, spain - especially the albaicin where steve and i lived for a short few weeks, studying spanish and drinking a tinto de verano in this moorish jewel
10. peru - even though i got myself some damn good amoebic dysentery there that @#$ed up my gi tract, this is not just a journey or destination, but a full experience
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