Friday, September 09, 2011

little boy, big day

and so a new day begins
just a simple, beautiful september afternoon
with me and my boys
out for a walk

change is here
apparently i wasn't ready for it
my eyes stinging from the flood of tears
that raged out
left my eyes a bright aqua colour
highlighted by once-white, now red surroundings
damn betrayal of tears

and callum
strong and brave and 4
anxiously clutching his hands

on a warm and sunny almost-fall afternoon
---are you cold?
"i'm okay, mommy"

and he sat
and assessed the situation

and every so often would smile back a nervous smile
my way
at the fence that separated the parents from the kindergarteners

i fought off the emotion
i didn't know it would all bubble up
take pictures

keep it together

sing a song with everett

and that worked until they filed neatly in a line
sang the song with mme robin
and left us at the other side of the fence
as he walked into something new
but older

and then i was done
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