Monday, December 06, 2010

Phyllo and Rice Week

sugar cookies made with the boys
i know i speak a lot about using what i already have. it is true though as i often buy things in bulk, or i will think i have time to try out some decadent recipe...and then it does not happen.
this is how phyllo and puff pastry ended up in my freezer. so i built a few meals around that...not gluten free so i had a lot of leftovers this week...but the boys all seemed to enjoy the phyllo surprises.
plus - made lots of cookies with the boys this 3.5yr old proudly rolled dough and cut out shapes and letters.

my list of dishes with recipes and pics in the links...

omelette- cheese and more cheese
yoghurt and fruit
fruit salad
breakfast muffins/cakes

cookies with frosting (recipe at the bottom
breakfast muffins/cakes
rice cakes
gluten free crackers
veggies and dip

phyllo nights - phyllo for everyone...but me
lemon chicken over rice
for the bubs - rice with carrots-peas
chili over rice
from the freezer - spaghetti sauce and rice pasta
leftovers and salad

i share my weekly meal plans at - you can find hundreds of meal plans on menu planning mondays there...helped me get back into meal planning.

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