Sunday, December 28, 2008

he's quiet by nature
easy on the eyes
and quick to smile and laugh
my little c impresses me every day
and i have a very low key child
and am so grateful
he may be cautious
take his time
but that suits me perfectly
and this beautiful little boy
is the one i was meant to have
taps me on the face
and more hugs
and dry kisses (they used to be sloppy but he's learning ;)
you are loved
i am blessed
and am finally realizing it

Saturday, December 20, 2008

december flies

i haven't updated in nearly 2wks
with good reason
it's been one hell of a month
first a week and a half of stomach flu for little c
a few days worth for both dh and me
and then
my mother in law dies
so we are just back
it took some effort getting out there
winter weather
coming back was
but easier
and so now little c has the flu
his daddy had a cold
and round caca of this month continues

looking forward to 2009, because the end of 2008 is proving not so great

Monday, December 08, 2008

wow - hit by sacred sound!

what a weekend!!

i took a weekend full of sacred sound workshops and wow.

from the silence came sound
does silence exist
what exists between the sound and silence
listen to the sound inside your body, pick one and go inside that sound - what do you feel?

ohm shanti!
ohm namaha shivaya!

the weekend started with a brief history of sound
the cornerstones of sound and healing
and learning how to listen
beyond words
into frequencies
and what effects those would have
unblocked by noise pollution
on me

then toning and chanting and experience


and we all created a sacred, trusting, healing space
where we shared
where we learned from each other

a weekend full of learning
and connection!

namaste jeremy and all those who were in the workshops with me

i'll share more later as i process all of the amazing things wedged into the weekend

Friday, December 05, 2008

bridges and governments

the bridge close-by
connecting provinces
is crumbling

and this article about it today links the state of a federally-owned bridge and the government of today...

"Chaudière Bridge out indefinitely...

"Deterioration in the masonry arches of the 170-year-old Chaudière Bridge was noticed by a contractor two weeks ago, Mr. Vaillancourt said. It passed a full inspection in 2007, he said.

"The crumbling of the bridge is a symbol of what’s wrong with the federal Conservative government, area politicians said.

Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar, a New Democrat, said the closing of the bridge spoke to the need for an economic stimulus package that was at the heart of the political storm raging on Parliament Hill.
“Here we’ve got a government that says it has provided all the economic stimulus that’s necessary, and yet, in the shadow of Parliament Hill, in the heart of the city, we have a bridge owned by the federal government that is falling down,” Mr. Dewar said.
“This is a metaphor for what’s wrong with the government. To have this happen in the backyard of Parliament is exactly why we need a stimulus, and more money for infrastructure.”

"Councillor Diane Holmes, whose ward is served by the Chaudière Bridge, said having a federally-owned bridge in the capital begin to fall apart through neglect was intolerable. She said the bridge’s closing should shame the federal government into fixing Canada’s crumbling infrastructure.
“It is their own bridge, and one would expect at the very least that there would be regular inspections so it doesn’t get to a point where it is in imminent collapse,” Ms. Holmes said. “This suggests there are not inspections often enough to take care of their own roads and bridges. It shows the federal government doesn’t have a priority on infrastructure, and they should.”
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