Monday, January 15, 2007


so steve and i are off this weekend on our last trip before the baby comes
off to cruise the southern caribbean
love to see the islands this way...pampered and well fed
a few of the islands we've been to, but there are ones we have yet to visit
then a week of island hopping by air afterwards
can't wait

Sunday, January 07, 2007

the river today

steve and i took a 2hr walk along the ottawa river pathway this morning
and with the sun and no sign of snow i saw signs of spring
not flowers budding or anything
but lots of cyclists
and there were a fair few of us walking
an older gent stopped and chatted with us about all of the plaques that have been added along the route
about rafts and logging and the fires that destroyed about a 5th of ottawa at the turn of the 20th century
the things you miss on a bike
or when they are covered by snow
the things you miss in the cars somewhere above the pathway on the parkway
are more numerous
the air was crisp and mild
the water calm
and it was hard to imagine the rapids at chaudiere falls, and pine logs moving downstream
but it was a beautiful walk
and a cute baby was sporting sunglasses as his dad ran and pushed the jogging stroller at a rapid pace along the path

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

in case you wondered...

steve and i went to the ultrasound clinic and i found out the sex of the baby today

let's just say my intuition was right!
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