Monday, November 29, 2010

cold weather food week

was a bit of a busy week - am just home from a weekend of doing a fantastic course so am posting like mad to get my weekly menu up. this one was kind of a take on comfort food - a few items with a twist - an asian style fish stew and a shepherd's pie done a bit differently.

my list of dishes with recipes and pics in the links...


omelette- pesto cheese
hard boiled eggs and toast
yoghurt and fruit
fruit salad
breakfast muffins/cakes


breakfast muffins/cakes

rice cakes
coconut rice crackers
veggies and dip
leftovers - lots and lots of leftovers


thai/vietnamese - inspired fish stew
almost shepherd's pie with salad
bbq chicken and sweet potatoes
chili over rice
from the freezer - spaghetti sauce and rice pasta
takeout pizza - donair, bacon and tomato for the guys, salad and leftovers for me
leftovers and salad

i share my weekly meal plans at - you can find hundreds of meal plans on menu planning mondays there...helped me get back into meal planning.


Miz Helen said...

Your menu looks great. I would love your Almost Shepherd Pie with Sweet Potatoes...yum! Thank you for sharing and have a good week.

Lori Gosselin said...

Do you share the recipe of the shepherds pie with sweet potato (what a great idea!) I just posted on comfort food today on my blog!

star*mora said...

@miz helen - thanks for stopping by this week :) !!

@lori - yes it is posted - just click on the actual phrase "almost shepherd's pie" - i always add links to the recipes i make in my weekly meal plans...way easier to find for you (and me! especially if i am looking for it at a later date) - thanks for the comment and visit!

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