Monday, May 18, 2009

meal planning and the %^&*$ fridge

well until friday night we were without a fridge for nearly a week
bear in mind the fridge that stopped working is only 2.5yrs old
manufacturing flaw - fan missing a fin
= paying for maytag's mistakes
won't be buying from them again, and we have a triplex so chances are appliances will be replaced

thankfully the 20yr old fridge in our back unit was pretty much empty. our fridge started conking out a week ago saturday - and i had just done a $300 grocery shop! was not happy that i lost some food but at least it wasn't all.

anyhow, have done a near 3 wk meal plan and despite a non-functioning fridge, we only did takeout (out of frustration of back and forth) once - mmm pho!

so yesterday and today's meal was a crockpot soup - easy peasy and pretty good

a few nights ago it was a rice spaghetti broccoli bake (simple - bunch of broccoli, 300g of rice pasta done al dente, can of cream of mushroom soup, garlic, mozzarella, basil, a bit of light cream, and in the oven for 45min at 325)

and also did perogies - yum! and a caprese pasta salad...mmm!

although time consuming, i love doing meal planning as it leaves for very little waste and lots of good leftovers

tomorrow will be pulled bbq chicken with salad - yum and the leftovers will be chicken and avocado wraps.

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