Tuesday, November 10, 2009

...briefly about babywearing

perhaps co-incidental...but the only photos i like with me in them tend to be when i am wearing one of my sons. but i have learned that certain carriers work both for bub and me.

so my take on some of the carriers...

stretchy wraps - right now, e and i are loving the sleepy wrap. very easy to use, comfy and easy to wash. e can last in it for hours.

ring sling - e is not a fan yet, but i used an organic cotton ring sling with c until i was almost 4mths pregnant...so past c's 2nd birthday. as they get bigger, best for shorter walks since side carry is used most.

sling - neither bub liked the hotsling...it's pretty but didnt fit well for a heavy-chested mama.

mei tai - great...steep learning curve for me for back carry. c fell asleep in back carry a lot so the only downside was trying to support his head when he conked out. really good for long walks.

baby bjorn - steve liked it but i hated it - my back was so sore if i tried having c in it once he was over 12lbs - no thank you

ergo and beco butterfly - i wanted to love these, i wanted to buy one of these but they are NOT made for a big chest (i am currently a 38i/j while nursing and probably will be for a few more years) - it was almost laughable how far these jutted out from my body...and i so wanted one.
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