Sunday, May 31, 2009

cervical length

i'm a bit confused. last week - at 19wks pregnant i had a transvaginal ultrasound that said my cervix length was 3.4cm or 34mm and everything over 3cm is acceptable.

however, when i read charts and stats i should be closer to 5cm

so having had a preemie already i am a bit concerned

not flat out worried but if you read this chart maybe you'd see where i might be concerned

Monday, May 18, 2009

meal planning and the %^&*$ fridge

well until friday night we were without a fridge for nearly a week
bear in mind the fridge that stopped working is only 2.5yrs old
manufacturing flaw - fan missing a fin
= paying for maytag's mistakes
won't be buying from them again, and we have a triplex so chances are appliances will be replaced

thankfully the 20yr old fridge in our back unit was pretty much empty. our fridge started conking out a week ago saturday - and i had just done a $300 grocery shop! was not happy that i lost some food but at least it wasn't all.

anyhow, have done a near 3 wk meal plan and despite a non-functioning fridge, we only did takeout (out of frustration of back and forth) once - mmm pho!

so yesterday and today's meal was a crockpot soup - easy peasy and pretty good

a few nights ago it was a rice spaghetti broccoli bake (simple - bunch of broccoli, 300g of rice pasta done al dente, can of cream of mushroom soup, garlic, mozzarella, basil, a bit of light cream, and in the oven for 45min at 325)

and also did perogies - yum! and a caprese pasta salad...mmm!

although time consuming, i love doing meal planning as it leaves for very little waste and lots of good leftovers

tomorrow will be pulled bbq chicken with salad - yum and the leftovers will be chicken and avocado wraps.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

watching "Cut"

interesting documentary about circumcision
done by a former dr and jewish film-maker
and looked at both the medical side - like the loss of meissner corpuscles (nerve endings)
scarring not unlike what occurs in some amputations
and the religious aspects

link to the documentary Cut

some of it, i'll be honest, i could only listen to, and not watch.
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