Tuesday, March 27, 2007

roisin pic

from 2 weekends ago when i was in toronto for my baby shower...not quite a prodigy but good at banging on the keys!

Monday, March 26, 2007

c'est le jour...finalement

voici le moment que steve a anticipe pour quelques semaines!
l'election au quebec, c'etait l'obsession de steve...qui va gagner?
plus que ca change...

damn i don't know how to put the accents in but steve's obsession with the election will end tonight and finally he can stop talking about it!

Monday, March 19, 2007

me at 31.5wks pregnant

time is getting closer...now here i am at 31.5wks pregnant

Saturday, March 17, 2007

the places you can see in a year

well combined from january to january
steve and i have been to a lot of places
i started off january of 2006 with 3 weeks in thailand to study thai yoga massage and thai reflexology
and then...between the two of us there was...the canary islands; guatemala; jordan; uk; antigua; st lucia; barbados; puerto rico; dominica and the states if you count that as really all that foreign...hmm feel like i am leaving something out but just wanted to share a few photo memories
makes me happy to think of all the places we have travelled to that i never thought i'd visit
we'll have to catch the baby up on the world travels when he gets here
guess i tried to upload too many photos so the following is a selection of what made it into this entry

camels in the canaries

thai massage - pictured above

dominica - left

doi suthep in chiang mai at left and the pitons in st lucia above

leave it to blogger

it had a meltdown when i was last trying to post

was in the gta last weekend for the baby shower
and the day was just perfect
felt very loved
made me miss being there a bit
people aren't as open here
and it has been very isolating
i can count on one hand the friends i have seen since i became pregnant
and it isn't like i have the plague
i just can't go out for a few drinks right now
i try to write it off as people being at different stages in their lives
but it kinda hurts
my social life has become one of chatting with my air canada colleagues who all ask how i am doing and seem excited for the additional new person to come
better than nothing
but not the same as spending time with good friends

we got a last blast of winter last night - about 10cm of snow
so no class this morning
and instead i think it will just be a day of writing thank yous and catching up on the website work
the new york times co. waits for no one so i keep writing and editing

not sure of how i feel about this post so think it is done

Friday, March 02, 2007

on the storm front

woke up to freezing rain pounding on the window
which mixed with the snow might make a fun walk for me today to get more tests done
i tell you
in the past several months i think i have had more appointments, blood work, and other tests than in the past decade!
and still another ultrasound to come
the first one i couldn't even focus on as my bladder was feeling full enough to burst
i just kept focussing on not peeing
so thankfully steve was there to report what happened as i went into a meditative state to distract myself from the discomfort of a full bladder at the end of my first trimester

but the bloodwork is always interesting
i am not afraid of needles in any way...i watch the blood seep out as it is drawn into those tiny vials
but i have deep rooted veins that hide from the surface
so the needle insertion can be a bit painful
i had a student midwife fumble around under the tutelage of my midwife
and she left a bit of a track marked look on my arm
when she missed a 4th time the midwife was like ok that's it enough chances for you
and plunged into the vein and filled the 4 tubes in no time

plus finding out i actually have a rare, negative blood type when i thought i had a common one

the things you learn

so i am off to brace myself against the storm and get some more blood sucked out this morning
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