Wednesday, November 26, 2008

formula can be dangerous to preemies

little c was a preemie
you might not know it now if i told you
when he was in the nicu, he had two full days that he was supplemented with formula
i was told it was necessary with his early arrival
that it was specific for preemies
i didn't even know the brand
thankfully, he was never supplemented again when my milk came in
and i hope i was able to undo any compromises that the artificial milk may have caused for his g.i. tract

in any case, it was with great interest that i read this article about preemies who have been diagnosed with meningitis may have actually gotten sick from powdered artificial milk, as it cannot be sterilized in the same manner as ready-made liquid can. another possible, and potentially more fatal infection can also occur - Enterobacter sakazakii, or E-sak.

"... powdered infant formulas are not sterile and should not be fed to premature infants or infants who might have immune problems unless directed and supervised by your baby's doctor."
"...investigation uncovered other cases in which powdered formula was blamed for causing brain damage or death in infants. There have been at least two Illinois cases and cases in at least 17 other states."

the article -

Risky formula

Powdered infant milk linked to deadly form of meningitis in preemies

Sunday, November 23, 2008

wow, big surprise, call babywearing mamas crazy - thanks, motrin

the only one who is crazy is the dimwit who approved of this ad. it has since been pulled, but really - how STUPID can a company be? my dh has bought motrin before, and guess what...never again. that people in that company thought it was fit to be an ad campaign shows how unbelievably out-of-touch they are. seriously makes me want to go their company headquarters, wear little c in the sling, take him out of the sling, remove cloth diaper and let him foul as much of the building as possible....would be preferable if it was the CEO's office, but since i wear c in a sling i'm already crazy in their eyes...blech

the original ad

the witty retort

the half-assed apology letter on their site. stupid company, don't piss off mamas.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

more of the wisdom of dr tenpenny's research

my favourite site is mothering. it is all about natural living and choices that often are not status quo in this society. this place is a respite and an incredible place of knowledge, research and information. i can't even measure how much i have learned over the past several years.

currently i am reading a book about childhood vaccinations, one of many i have already peeled through. but dr tenpenny kind of piles all the research together and presents the facts about vaccines in a way that most dr.s won't - she talks about the risks, how long immunity lasts, and more.

here are a few of the points from a post over at the site that i am noting here so that i have them handy, that i remember why i am not giving any vaxes to my son.


"Immunity" from either OPV or IPV only lasts 6-8 years. More than 90% of Polio cases are simple viral infections almost identical to the flu & equals lifelong immunity."


In generalized Tetanus, RECOVERY can take several weeks to several months (without the vaccine!)
Incubation is 8-14 days.

**16 out of 124 patients with tetanus had received 4+ doses of the tetanus vaccine. No absolute protection from the vaccine.

Vaccine antibodies can last up to 50 years

Tetanus precaution: make punctures bleed. Wash out with hydrogen peroxide. Replace open bottles of peroxide often (every 3 months) because it's the oxygen that kills the tetanus. Keep Neosporin on hand.Ledum & Hypericum are excellent homeopathic remedies.

Chicken pox:

The vaccine came out in 1991. It's a weakened virus that has been passed through guinea pig tissue & aborted fetal tissue.

Antibodies last (at the most) 10 years - maybe more like 5 years.

The chicken pox vaccine has been proven to shed (meaning it can cause chicken pox in other individuals.)

Risk of severe fatal disease: .7/100,000 in children - 25/100,000 in adults.

1 in 5,000 children develop shingles within 10 years after vaccinating for chicken pox.



WORLDWIDE death rate in 1920 - 1.6% (!!!)

In 1955, measles death rate was less than 3 in 10,000,000.

In 1963, the measles vaccine was introduced.

Best treatment for measles: Vitamin A 200,000 IU X 2 days. Repeat once a week for a month.

*IF* you choose to give the measles (or MMR) vax, give vitamin A prior to vaccine & afterwards.

MMR is believed to cause many mini-strokes in children which lead to Autism.

In 1985, children received 18 vaccines by 18 months, 33 by age 5.

In 2008, children receive 113 vaccines by kindergarten & 156 vaccines by 11-12 years of age. This does not include the chemical doses.

Dr. Tenpenny believes that our crazy incidence of peanut allergies is due to gelatin & polysorbate 80 in vaccines (also the latex in the stoppers.) Gelatin has a cross-reactivity with tree nuts & peanuts aren't a big leap from tree nuts."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

pertussis vaccine and allergies

Dr Tenpenny is an amazing resource for questions about vaccine safety. I'd call her a crusader, against the grid, knowledgeable, and a great support for non-vaxers.

this blog entry is an interesting look at those who receive the pertussis vaccine and the link with allergies. i was vaccinated against pertussis and contracted it TWICE. i was riddled with childhood allergies which i have since outgrown, but it makes me wonder. especially knowing that i had very high fevers with every vaccination i received as an infant...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stripping cloth diapers

i am completely copying and pasting a post from a discussion board so that i don't forget this stripping process (am hoping it works better than what i do right now

Are your cloth diapers getting a little stinky? Your usual detergent isn't getting them as fresh as it used to? As soon as they're soiled the stink is unbearable?! You need to strip them! Cloth diapers need to be 'stripped' now and again to get rid of detergent residue. Follow these simple steps and you'll have fresh smelling dipes in no time:

Supplies: Large stockpots (1-2), Whisk, Baking Soda, Dishwashing Detergent, Lemon Juice, Laundry Detergent, Washing Machine.

1. Fill stockpot(s) with water. Bring to a boil. Remove from stove and slowly whisk in 1/2 cup of baking soda. Add 3 drops of dishwashing detergent. Whisk again.

2. Add the boiling water mixture into your top load washer (for front loaders, do this step in a bucket). Add, then immerse diapers. Let soak for 30 minutes.

3. Drain washer on spin cycle (for front loaders, empty the bucket). Squirt each diaper soaker area (pee/poo spot) with lemon juice.

4. Complete a full wash load on hot water. Use only 1.5-3tsp of detergent (depending on load size).

5. Re-wash one more time on hot. Rinse twice more on cold. Dry & voila! Fresh diapers!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

making lip balm

in this year's effort to curb cracked, dry lips i plan to make my own lip balm
must be november, makes me think of drying up, cracking up and trying to ward off infections

i found this recipe which i can't wait to try...but i think i will reduce the amount i make

180 g beeswax (about ¾ cup grated)
60 g cocoa butter (about ¼ cup grated)
250 mL almond oil (a whole small bottle)
20 vitamin E capsules
2 ½ tsp peppermint essential oil

1. Grate solids. This recipe used about 1 cup, or 240 grams solids. From what I’ve read, the proportion of wax to butter can change. What matters more is the proportion of solid to liquid (oil). I do have a scale for measuring, and I know most people don’t, but I found it quite helpful.
2. Put solids and almond oil in a double boiler to melt. My friend said not to use olive oil, but I don’t know why. I used the only kind of almond oil they had at the store, which came in a little 250 mL bottle.
3. Add vitamin E. I had originally calculated putting 2½ tsp in, but quickly realized it would take FOREVER to squeeze all that goo out of the little capsules. Since the capsule is just glycerin and gelatin, I hoped it wouldn’t hurt anything to just throw them in. I put in 20 and the outer part melted, so the vitamin E mixed in. I ended up with a glob of glycerin/gelatin on the bottom of the pan that I just scooped out. You need vit E to keep the lip balm from spoiling and it is also good for your skin.
4. Put a little bit of your mixture on a spoon, put it in the freezer until it’s hard, and decide if the consistency is they way you like it. Add more solids (to make it harder) or oil (to make it softer) if you want.
5. When the consistency is right (mine was on the first try—I like it pretty stiff), Add your flavoring, I like minty lip balm, so I used peppermint EO. You can do the freezer thing again to check the flavor.
6. Use an eyedropper to put it in containers. I used cheapo disposable ones, which was a good idea because I don't know how I would have gotten them clean! Actually, I’m not sure how I’m going to get the pan clean either. When I rinsed it with hot water it made a goopy mess and I haven’t finished the dishes yet from dinner, so I haven’t really tied to wash it yet. (ETA: It just took a lot of scrubbing, but wasn't too bad.)

Friday, November 14, 2008

party video

ok it's a month late today, but love this (thanks to one of my friends on fb)

and the link to it...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

essential oils - eucalyptus

eucalyptus - it's that time of year to make sure i am stocked up on essential during cold/flu season.


great when you are ill - steam inhalations - a few drops in a pot of boiling water (remove from stove)- close your eyes, toss a towel over you and the pot to seal it and breathe slowly

can blend it with a natural oil and use it as a chest/foot rub when congested

also can use it in a diffuser or a humidifier

Monday, November 10, 2008

essential oils - lavender

i get a lot of use out of lavender

good blend with citrus for a pick me up in the winter
helps with pain
safe during pregnancy

peppermint and lavender together - natural headache remedy

Sunday, November 09, 2008

essential oils - peppermint

just jotting down my thoughts on some of the essential oils i use most - in this post it's all about peppermint

aid in preventing nausea
sick during labor
smells great for cleaning supplies

peppermint and lavender together - natural headache remedy

Saturday, November 08, 2008

yet more about bs

it's another baking soda post
i have been trying to find no-poo recipes that would be easy to do
i had tried just using apple cider vinegar but it dried my hair out even more
but i think i have found another process i am ready to try...

baking soda - dilute 1tbsp in one glass of water
and then either
acv diluted
lemon juice diluted
i think i'll make a spray bottle up so i can add some essential oils

then i'll try something along the following routine:

1 wet hair
2 bs in cup with warm water
3 scrub scalp
4 rinse
5 use diluted acv or lj
6 rinse again

will see how it works

also, i managed to spill half a bottle of tea tree oil behind my washer - strong!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

more b.s.

i know i have extolled the virtues of baking soda before
and it is a staple in both cleaning supplies and cooking in our home

why does this odd obsession with b.s. continue?
well, the stuff is amazingly useful
as is white vinegar
they are sort of each other's yin and yang - cooking and cleaning, powder and liquid

and now
even MORE uses for baking soda
(a link with 61 uses, some of which i have discovered on my own, and some very new to me)

Monday, November 03, 2008

another laundry option

i make a liquid laundry soap and this one
both work well in my high efficiency washer

this one is the recipe with the least ingredients
(and i use about 2tbsp per load)

1 cup borax
1 cup washing soda
1 grated bar of soap

Sunday, November 02, 2008

another stoning in somalia

it's hard to believe sometimes
that this happens
a child claims rape
and is stoned to death
with hundreds of spectators witnessing it

what can we do to stop this?

13 yr old stoned to death
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