Thursday, July 29, 2010

meal planning - leftover week

the inspiration for the meal plan here was using up leftovers / using up things in a creative way. overall, the results were pretty decent. i hate wasting good food, so this is a different version of re-use.

the beauty of it too is that with leftovers, most of the cooking is already done, so a quick re-invention means a new meal in less than 20 minutes for all of the meals i have listed below.

breakfast and snacks
rotation of
omelette - pesto/cheese and salsa/mushroom

leftover asian - rice noodles, squid in a black bean style sauce
leftover asian - rice macaroni, tofu in a teriyaki sauce
leftover potatoes - potato nachos
leftover potatoes - simple potato salad
cupboard raid! - dosas and curry filling

one of the blogs i really enjoy is i'm an organizing junkie. for me, i suppose it's more aspirational living at the moment. the site hosts menu plan mondays so this will serve as my first meal plan submitted in the 100s already there.


Zom G. said...

Your blog is so beautiful and sweet. It reminds me of early fall, mid-day naps with a little one. Omgoodness.

star*mora said...

*blushing* thank you for the lovely comment!

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