Monday, July 10, 2006

back from vacation hiatus

am literally just back from vacation and have had some powerful things happen.
i was in toronto for the day on saturday as a follow up for my tibetan acupressure course.

i have read and now continue to meditate over several passages in rinpoche's book "the tibetan book of living and dying" and was rereading a passage about near death experiences and the universal links between them, i then repeated the mantra of compassion - om mani padme hum for several minutes and walked over to loblaws, bought some cherries, and sat down as i had some time before the follow up class began.

well, this woman who works at loblaws literally came right up to me and started talking about her near death experience and how it has changed her life and we sat for a few minutes together.

it just blew me away that i had read about this only 10min before and she came and opened up to me. i have had several amazing and strange things happen since shifting careers, but this one was so strongly connected to what i was putting out into the universe that i am still thinking about it.

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