Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the house reno continues

so our pad downtown needs extensive work on our side
the other two units are in decent shape but ours is a house that needs a lot of repairs
so we are trying to bring back this dirtied, cracked, mal-treated house to a refreshed, clean state

it is a lot of work
the previous tenants chose to destroy much of the interior of the house
so much so that steve and i are documenting it in photos
and trying to learn about fix-ups

here are a few of the before and afters...not tonnes of them yet, mostly befores, but more afters to come...

THE HOUSE...the 3rd unit we own is at the back...Italianate style

YUCK...one of the many layers of dirt on the banister

...and lots of elbow grease later...

...sanded down the floors, scrubbed the walls, and the repainting begins...

more repainting of the master bedroom...

yes...there will be many more photos, to hopefully document our progress!

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