Wednesday, October 04, 2006

refix-ing house chronicles

ok so i think the next few months will probably still involve a lot of house topics
less time for blogging as spare time is used up with cleaning, painting, and a lot of waiting

the kitchen is still in progress.
we have one guy doing all the work who is doing a great job but one person=slower progress
after the kitchen and powder room it will be attacking the den and bathroom upstairs
thank god we live to lots of cheap eats
the routine as well of using a fridge and microwave as our main appliances is feeling really old right now!

but we will have appliances this weekend

because we bought a very old house...circa 1902
the floorboards have sagged
and the floor itself can not be brought to a completely level position
so no ceramic floors for us
instead we busted the budget a bit and are going eco friendly with brown and off-white tiles
hmmm let's see if i can find the link here...yep here it is we picked the sandstone and western saddle tiles
thank god it is just the one room we are doing it in as you could see a lot of $ on the floor quickly

my massage room has turned back into a storage room as all of our cabinets have arrived and can't be hung up yet

so steve and i continue to live out of boxes two months later
and we have realized the depth of our patience from this project.

in about 2 weeks we should have finished project photos
but for now
more kitchen ones

our tiles up against the new cabinets

vanity for the powder room


Chris in NF said...

Every time I feel annoyed with renting, I return to your blog. :-)

Yay for passing the buck to the landlord!

star*mora said...

Old houses...full of charm...and dust can get everywhere when you renovate

kind of odd to see some of the horse hair insulation and not the pink stuff...can't wait to post the after

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