Thursday, April 05, 2007

gotta love a good deal

april 4th proved a good day for deals

we had our new cedars delivered
bought patio furniture
deck/fence stain and laminate for the back unit

but this didn't come easy

zellers had this amazing 2day sale which is still on today
and patio sets of 6 chairs, umbrella, and glass top table - $ knowing this special would run out i called all of the ottawa zellers at 830am but they were actually open at 8
almost everywhere had already sold out except st laurent blvd and teresa there was kind enough to hold a set for me
also had a midwife appt the same morning but somehow made it over in the rain after the cedars were delivered just before 10, bought the set zoomed back home to pick up steve and made it to the 11am appt
a bit of stress for a great deal

but then we went to rona
and i had insisted we start pulling up the carpet in the back unit because it is in terrible shape
so anyhow...we got our laminate (glue free stuff and all) for 5$ a box!...when it was first rung in it showed the original price of 240$ and we got it for 35$!!!!! then got some deck/fence stain in cedar...3 gallons of it for 2.50$ each instead of 20$
gotta love rona

i guess it is appropriate given it was my dad's birthday. and the scots are i suppose somewhat known for their frugality.

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