Sunday, July 27, 2008

varicose veins and treatment

i have used horse chestnut in the past
both my parents have varicose veins and i was noticing the tell-tale bulge in the great saphenous vein, urging me towards my heredital fate!
thankfully, they haven't been yet realized and some of that i place in the success of using horse chestnut - a few drops in water for several months a few years ago (pre pregnancy)
now, finally it seems that studies are catching up and acknowledging its efficacy in treating several vascular conditions
cheap and non patent-able, this natural remedy is finally getting some more cred!

"Researchers in Switzerland reviewed five clinical studies that used horse chestnut seed extract in people who had chronic venous insufficiency and found that the herb was effective in relieving symptoms of varicose veins and reducing lower leg edema, leg pain, heaviness, and itching."

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