Thursday, September 11, 2008

my favourite doctors

i've decided to feature some of the doctors i really admire. i am not a patient of theirs, and this will be an ongoing part of the blog as i get around to featuring them

what does form a common thread is these doctors all are so committed to their beliefs that they are willing to deviate from the "party line" of their medical associations, fellow colleagues, and naysayers.

i know it is never easy to push against the waves of the norm. to push on, regardless of being scrutinized and criticised...because they stand up for what they believe in. in my life, i have learned that you have to stand up for something, to not just accept the norm, because the norm isn't always the best thing.

thank you, brave doctors for standing your ground and giving those of us who also choose to go against the grain a bit of hope and inspiration in the constant criticism that comes from forging your own way and making unpopular choices.

my list of favourite doctors includes dr newman (thank god someone really cares enough about breastfeeding to research and educate - i thank you); dr mendelsohn, outspoken against vaccines - questioning their safety with the stats to make people at least think about it - i thank you; dr sears - making attachment parenting more and more accepted, that the natural is normal - i thank you; dr jay gordon, who listened to his patients and realized vaccines may not be the best choice, for advocating the normalcy of the family bed - i thank you. there are several others - i'll be thanking them too!

and to my own dentist - dr shodjaee, for incorporating the most natural remedies and options possible, and restoring health beyond just my teeth - i sincerely thank you.

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