Monday, December 08, 2008

wow - hit by sacred sound!

what a weekend!!

i took a weekend full of sacred sound workshops and wow.

from the silence came sound
does silence exist
what exists between the sound and silence
listen to the sound inside your body, pick one and go inside that sound - what do you feel?

ohm shanti!
ohm namaha shivaya!

the weekend started with a brief history of sound
the cornerstones of sound and healing
and learning how to listen
beyond words
into frequencies
and what effects those would have
unblocked by noise pollution
on me

then toning and chanting and experience


and we all created a sacred, trusting, healing space
where we shared
where we learned from each other

a weekend full of learning
and connection!

namaste jeremy and all those who were in the workshops with me

i'll share more later as i process all of the amazing things wedged into the weekend

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