Thursday, August 20, 2009

living a successful life through compassion, courage and wisdom

i read a lot about buddhism - in particular tibetan buddhism.
i don't think it's any great coincidence that i found myself drawn to tibetan acupressure, and that i studied it and became a certified practitioner to complement my massage practice.

some of my favourite readings are those that centre around compassion. and i found it compelling reading about the roles of compassion courage and wisdom for leading a successful life.

compassion in feeling empathy, pain and the suffering of others. compassion in the spiritual sense and in one's day to day living and acting.

courage in taking action on compassion, helping others - courage in being willing to give instead of first looking at what one will get.

and wisdom - knowing how to do it.

it's so simple, and yet can create a real challenge to live by. disconnection from others cause pain and suffering to arise. and i find when i meditate and offer up my challenges and difficulties for the benefit of all sentient beings, there is this wave of peace and calmness that floats in and relieves my mind, my soul.

in the global sense, living in the awareness of compassion, courage and wisdom could be transforming. aggression may seem easier, but serves the benefit of the few. compassion connects us, strips away borders, emphasizes our likeness.

to live in bodhichitta - the compassionate and loving nature of our own being.
to live gently in the world
to connect

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