Tuesday, September 08, 2009

my son is almost 2.5yrs old and in a rear-facing car seat

i know i already have a link about the importance of rear-facing car seats in this blog, but now that c is nearly 2.5 yrs old, i don't know many who still have their children rear-facing at this age.

in my work as a registered massage therapist i deal with mva clients (motor vehicle accidents) and it can be slow progress trying to restore function in their necks and backs...with a developing spine, imagine the impact that this could have! it's simply safer to rear-face - there are several brands in canada that allow for rear facing to 35lbs like the true fit or the britax marathon.

we have a 2 door car, and yeah it an be a pain in the a$$ getting him out of his car seat, but honestly, his safety is more important than my aggravation.

if you want to see the tear-jerker version just click on my link in the right column of this blog. am posting this other video, not just for the accent ;) , but because it is a testament to the safety of rear facing.

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