Saturday, January 01, 2011

new year's resolutions i intend to keep

i suppose i should preface this post by stating that i found my ideas for my new year's resolutions in a newspaper article. but the ideas struck a chord that resonated strongly for me. so here they are (with the hopes of them evolving into new years' resolutions for years to come...

1. do 5 random acts of kindness in a day - choose 1 day of the week and intentionally do 5 nice things for people i know/strangers. the rationale is that when this is done with the clear intention of doing so - whether it be holding a door open for someone, buying a coffee for one of the homeless people i may pass on the street...thinking and acting on it has positive and lasting effects for me as well.

2. write a letter of compassion to myself at least once every few weeks. i tend toward being self critical and unforgiving of myself, and the idea of this is to show the compassion i would for a friend - to be a friend to myself as those who tend to be self critical also tend to be more vulnerable to depression.

and these are promises i intend to keep.

may 2011 be filled with promise and blessings for all.

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