Sunday, December 11, 2005

clinical kind of mood - reflex sympathetic dystrophy

it's funny how often pain is ignored by certain parts of the medical community
and one of the things i often see is rsd - reflex sympathetic dystrophy
it sometimes comes diagnosed
and more often is something i clinically assessed based on signs and symptoms
it is pain that is out of proportion with an injury
and most often results from minor surgery to the wrist/hand/ankle/foot
but the pain can be disabling
with spontaneous burning pain in a limb past the area of a nerve
you'll often see dystrophic tissue and edema
just basically something doesn't look right
and those with rsd will often immobilize the affected area
it can result from other areas subjected to surgery
and i saw the pain from it again
and it is amazing that a nerve can go haywire when the body is tampered with in a surgical way

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