Friday, December 09, 2005

pub crawling

doing a pub crawl in ottawa can be a dangerous thing
so tonight at the airport there was the discussion of several of us in "sales" join the rampies or ramp rats or simply ramp on their annual pub crawl
sounds innocuous, no?
not so much
the crawl is to take place in the market
and for anyone unfamiliar with the market
it contains nearly 200 bars and restaurants within a 5 block radius
and this is the thing
one drink
move to the next place
literally can turn into a crawl
i mean the irish village alone has several pubs with indoor links between them
a dangerous yet thoughtful layout
mulling it over
can hangovers be offset by the ottawa winter?
by brief 3 metre jaunts into the cold between pubs?
i may be checking into that in a few weeks

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