Thursday, January 26, 2006

still jet-lagged

how a time difference can make a difference
having spent the past few weeks in northern thailand, 12hrs ahead of us in est, i had a bit of an adjustment on the trip home
not only that
but it was a long way home
chiang mai to bangkok
bangkok to frankfurt
frankfurt to montreal
montreal to ottawa
or in icao code cnx-bkk-fra-yul-yow
lufthansa from bangkok to montreal was the worst of the flights
not only because it was a 12hr flight
but the flight was crap
i had a bulky swede seated next to me who took over 1/4 of my seat space
the flight had less of a seat pitch than most domestic flights i've been on
read - very very tight
and there wasn't much in terms of diversions - food entertainment etc
and of course the transition from dry low 30s to canadian winter welcome to montreal weather was chilly
but i learned so much during my stay in thailand
that the 33hrs to get home
and the subsequent lingering jet lag are worth it
or will be when i stop getting up "naturally" at 530am no matter what time i go to bed at

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