Tuesday, January 03, 2006

tis the season...for the best of

..for best of lists
so this is my top ten of my fave places in the world outside of canada
....hmmm in no particular order...

1. yangshuo, china - relaxed and beautiful karst hills...i could stay there forever!
2. hong kong - crazy chaotic civilized charming
3. chiang mai, thailand - and i am going back! spiritual and peaceful with simple beautiful traditions
4. grand cayman, cayman islands - spectacular beaches, easy to get around, hmmmm sweet caribbean breezes!
5. las vegas - aka lost wages...over the top but so much damn fun
6. grand canyon, arizona - try and deny the existence of a greater power in the universe after experiencing the gc
7. trogir, croatia - beautiful setting, beautiful people, warm adriatic waters...perfect
8. corfu, greece - lush, stunning and dramatic... love greece
9. granada, spain - especially the albaicin where steve and i lived for a short few weeks, studying spanish and drinking a tinto de verano in this moorish jewel
10. peru - even though i got myself some damn good amoebic dysentery there that @#$ed up my gi tract, this is not just a journey or destination, but a full experience

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