Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the weird thing...

...about being a massage therapist is you really have no idea of what your work feels like
i mean i can do a lot of acupressure points to myself
and an upper traps release
but i have no idea what my massage really feels like
i know for the most part i do a pretty good job
i never realised you could work at something and receive so much positive feedback
and be constantly reading and learning more about conditions and how they affect the body
how i alter the treatment
how i feel the difference in the muscle...see it flush...feel the heat soar to the surface
and it i suppose part of the human condition is to be validated
i receive it from sometimes embarassingly high praise
clients receive it from having their concerns acknowledged and felt by someone else to know it's all real

and validated too as december ushers its cold breezes in
i receive little presents and cards from my regular clients
its really sweet
and moving
and appreciated
and that i am making my own little difference in the world around me
one can only feel blessed!

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