Saturday, December 16, 2006

reconnecting the bumps

spent several days in toronto and thornhill last week
and what was nice was
a. i passed my acupressure exam so i am now certified in tibetan acupressure
b. i had time to see my family which included a whopping three hour shopping spree with my dad in his search for sweaters and pjs for himself (he bought a stunning pair replete with birds!
c. i saw some of the old air canada gang. my friend samanntha is also pregnant, and is 5wks ahead of me and this is the first time in our nearly 12yrs of friendship that i did not see her with a flat stomach!

it seems that a lot of my long term friends are pregnant for the first time this year...two are ahead of me and two are behind...but none of them live in ottawa! guess i will continue to use my passes to visit the other ladies and their bumps

where is the damn snow already! it just doesn't feel festive without the white stuff

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