Friday, March 02, 2007

on the storm front

woke up to freezing rain pounding on the window
which mixed with the snow might make a fun walk for me today to get more tests done
i tell you
in the past several months i think i have had more appointments, blood work, and other tests than in the past decade!
and still another ultrasound to come
the first one i couldn't even focus on as my bladder was feeling full enough to burst
i just kept focussing on not peeing
so thankfully steve was there to report what happened as i went into a meditative state to distract myself from the discomfort of a full bladder at the end of my first trimester

but the bloodwork is always interesting
i am not afraid of needles in any way...i watch the blood seep out as it is drawn into those tiny vials
but i have deep rooted veins that hide from the surface
so the needle insertion can be a bit painful
i had a student midwife fumble around under the tutelage of my midwife
and she left a bit of a track marked look on my arm
when she missed a 4th time the midwife was like ok that's it enough chances for you
and plunged into the vein and filled the 4 tubes in no time

plus finding out i actually have a rare, negative blood type when i thought i had a common one

the things you learn

so i am off to brace myself against the storm and get some more blood sucked out this morning

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