Saturday, March 17, 2007

the places you can see in a year

well combined from january to january
steve and i have been to a lot of places
i started off january of 2006 with 3 weeks in thailand to study thai yoga massage and thai reflexology
and then...between the two of us there was...the canary islands; guatemala; jordan; uk; antigua; st lucia; barbados; puerto rico; dominica and the states if you count that as really all that foreign...hmm feel like i am leaving something out but just wanted to share a few photo memories
makes me happy to think of all the places we have travelled to that i never thought i'd visit
we'll have to catch the baby up on the world travels when he gets here
guess i tried to upload too many photos so the following is a selection of what made it into this entry

camels in the canaries

thai massage - pictured above

dominica - left

doi suthep in chiang mai at left and the pitons in st lucia above

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