Sunday, June 08, 2008

the healing fair

went to the healing fair in the glebe and let me tell you it was sooooooo amazing. did a bit of networking there for my own massage work, but mostly there to learn!
it was only a few bucks to get in with several free classes and lectures and the option of 20min treatments for $10! so i did do a few treatments i've been wanting to try - rolfing, quantum touch and pranic healing. well, i had such a huge release! it was such an intense and amazing day.

rolfing is so amazing! it is deep and intense and i had been looking for someone who is a practitioner in ottawa. well she was there! and she is an rmt as well so we plan on doing an exchange - yay! her rolfing, me doing thai yoga massage and tibetan acupressure. she helped realign my diaphragm and hips which were most affected by my pregnancy and birth. i can't say enough about it!

plus a few of the free lectures and classes were just unbelievable! joyful yoga - which was simple yoga moves and laughing and singing. and the most amazing of all was the tibetan bowls and the tonal series (working on chakras through breathing and using your voice). i had a strong/negative reaction the first time i had an experience with the bowls (inexperienced therapist) but this time - omigod! the emotions just flowed out, and i felt the resonance through my heart and straight into my hands - my hands were like fiery tingly! the tonal class was just beautiful...all of these voices in different tones and ohms and hus and singing and moaning and gutteral sounds all blended - it was the deepest and most healing meditation i have had in years...i know i am going on and on but wow!

i don't know if he ever goes out of town to work, but jeremy sills is really gifted! sacred sound

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