Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the safety of homebirths

i had hoped for a homebirth the first time around with c, but then he decided to be a preemie and a footling breech (rare) to boot! so my plans of moving freely around my home, and having a natural experience with the comforts of familiarity, evaporated in an instant.

now pregnant with #2, i am going to be trying for a homebirth again. i really connected with my midwife the first time around and feel like i can trust her, and myself, implicitly.

i live in a country where homebirths are not the norm, and are in fact often scoffed at, or thought of as less safe.

which brings me to my point - more evidence on the safety of homebirthing...

Home births 'as safe as hospital'

some highlights...
"Research from the Netherlands - which has a high rate of home births - found no difference in death rates of either mothers or babies in 530,000 births."

"But even when she needed to be transferred to the care of a doctor in a hospital, the risk to her or her baby was no higher than if she had started out her labour under the care of a midwife in hospital."

"The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) said it supported home births "in cases of low-risk pregnancies provided the appropriate infrastructures and resources are present to support such a system." (UK)

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