Monday, June 15, 2009

the stuff that dreams are made of

i have such vivid dreams when i am pregnant
and yet i never write them down
only to be forgotton a few waking hours later

so - my blog is here - think i'll start writing them down
and see what messages come in dreams

already last night's dreams are slipping away
but a brief outline of one i remember
is going to a place i thought was the science centre
and they were doing renos and i said let's come back when it's all done
but went inside with c and steve anyhow
and all of a sudden it was just me and c
and it looked a bit like the inside of the eaton centre
except for a humid, jungle feel
and people were lined up
around corners
and down stairs
for some exhibit
i don't know what

and i was thinking i wanted to go but didn't know what it was
but was concerned about the wait
and an antsy c
and the dream ended
i don't know if we waited or not

trying to remember how i felt
was i anxious or excited, frustrated or worried

i'll get better at writing these things down

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