Saturday, September 18, 2010

deodorant recipe

i like to make as many of my home and body products as possible - this extends to deodorant.
part of my frustration with natural products is never finding a deodorant that really worked well for me.
so i had to come up with my own.
i stopped using commercial deodorants/anti persipirants years ago as i didn't like the idea of the chemicals being that close to a cluster of lymph nodes, let alone being absorbed by my skin and into my body.
so i started doing my research
i started detoxing (i apologized to my dh in advance for what my body would do as it released what it was going to when i stopped using those products in stick form
i started spraying my underarms in the shower with apple cider vinegar (to help restore ph balance)
and baking soda after to help cover the odour
and two weeks later
came back into balance
i found several recipes for natural deodorants (in earlier blog posts i did post a few)
but i took all of those and came up with my own
and it is pit perfection!

(makes enough for about 3mths worth)
3tbsp corn starch
3tbsp baking soda
2tbsp each of shea butter and coconut oil (the type that is hard at room temperature)
essential oil (i used about 12 drops of tea tree oil for this batch)

put all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix with a fork until smooth
then put in a resealable jar

YES - it's that easy!
apply a tiny bit to your armpits with your fingers
i find i can often even skip a day with this
i call it my b-o-balm


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I love finding gems like this.

Question: does this combat moisture as well or just the odor?

star*mora said...

hi Lee,
i found after i made the switch first to "natural" deodorants i started being more stinky than sweaty, and when i made my own it seemed that both were better under control.

the moisture is definitely less for me than other natural deodorants and i used the salt crystal, toms of maine, natures gate, jason, kiss my face, etc. the body isn't trying to get rid of lots of extra ingredients hence less moisture perhaps (my theory anyhow with using so few ingredients, and basically any of them you can eat, so the body knows how to process them)

and recipe is just as effective with no essential oils added.

long explanation ;)

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