Thursday, September 09, 2010

roasted banana ice cream

do not look at pretty pictures of homemade ice cream unless you are prepared to make it...
note to self made

my ice cream maker is getting a lot of use this week

4 very ripe medium bananas
1c heavy cream
2c 5% cream
1/2c sucanat (natural sugar)

bananas were sliced and tossed in sucanat and baked at 325 for about 15min

at the 10min mark i tossed them around for more even baking
all in a bowl with the other ingredients
i used a hand blender to blend until smooth
cooled in the fridge for about 2hrs
and then into the ice cream maker for 30min
ice cream was a soft serve consistency at that point so into a container in the freezer for about 2hrs

this was really tasty, but i would have liked more of the cream taste shine. so next time i'll halve the amount of bananas and see what happens.
huge hit with the boys - huge, smeared all over their faces, hit

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