Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's turning into a ground chicken kind of week

...shopping the specials and eating the specials.

so - extra lean ground chicken was on special last week and i stocked up...over 10lbs worth. i don't have a deep freezer, the packages with their ground contents needed to meet other ingredients.

so far this week i have made:
  • my chili, but replaced ground beef with ground chicken
  • my pad thai and replaced SHRIMP with ground chicken - this turned out...really well - am still kind of surprised. i did add 2 extra tbsp of fish sauce and i had run out of peanut pieces so smashed up some unsalted cashews instead (delish!)
  • my pseudo-shepherds pie
3 for 3 - a good week and a heckuva lot of protein to usher in spring.

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