Thursday, June 17, 2010

simple pad thai

when i am out of tamarind, this is my alternate pad thai recipe

so simple pad thai

vermicelli/rice noodles (at least 1/2lb) softened in hot water

then in a wok, fry (use a bit of oil or water
3 eggs that are already lightly beaten
1lb shrimp (skins off, tail off

then for the sauce which you add after frying the eggs and shrimp

1/3c fish sauce
1/4c ketchup (usually prefer a few tbsp of tamarind but this does work well)
1.5tbsp sugar
1/2c water (may need a little more if you cook longer
2tbsp minced garlic

then add the rice noodles
and about 3min before you are ready to serve
add 2-2.5c bean sprouts

toppings (all optional but add a lot of flavour
3tbsp of the greens of spring onions chopped
1/4c peanut pieces
dash of crushed red pepper or siracha sauce
3tbsp cilantro chopped
lime wedges to squeeze over your dish

yum - this has been my pad thai recipe for at least 10yrs now, yum! if i have it i substitute tofu for eggs and tamarind for the ketchup (and then less sugar)

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