Saturday, November 22, 2014

i do plan on reviving this blog - just rethinking how I want to do it. I have been studying traditional Chinese medicine with eyes on becoming a registered acupuncture. So, since so much of this blog has been meal planning and travel in the past, I am going to continue with the food blogging, but using what I am learning in TCM to add a new dimension to it. My current class assignment has me completing a week's meal plan for Spleen Qi Deficiency. Foods that are warmer, with some sweet and spice (pungent). Carbs/veggies/and a bit of protein. Will post more as I complete it. Today it is teriyaki meatballs with rice squash soup and garlic rye bread oatmeal baked pear slices in cinnamon and popcorn these are some of the foods I am looking at having for the week...

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