Friday, February 10, 2006

crossing the floor - from red to blue

let's see
supposedly harper opposes the style and corruption of the liberal mandate before him
and yet he rewards emerson, a liberal, with one of the top cabinet positions in a tory trade
trade you liberal red for tory blue
and then tries to defend the indefensible
i first became disillusioned with the whole process when i was a page in the house of commons
mp's of different stripes and affiliations would cross over the floor to chat during debates or in the adjoining lobbies to "negotiate"
but not surprising
the year i was a page
the bloc quebecois formed
the first reform member and bq members were elected
the gst was pushed through after lots of filibustering by the senate
canada declared war
a little known liberal in new brunswick resigned so that a better known one could assume power in a by-election...chretien
the whole experience was incredible both the history-making, and eye-opening aspects that came along with it
made me believe more in the power and importance of municipal politics, rather than federal talk

interesting that one of the long-time conservatives, garth turner knows that he will be punished for openly opposing the way emerson was given his new job in his new party
turner suggests that emerson resign and run as a conservative
and speaks of his seat-to-be being positioned in a place where only a lunar eclipse will shed light
for an entertaining read from a frustrated tory...

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