Thursday, February 09, 2006

maybe it is the cold weather returning

but i am having some really crazy dreams
yep the kind that wake you up at night
the latest was a plane crash
and i was hanging out with the crew, cordoned off
emergency announcements were just to get back to the seats
i had no seatbelt
and then we crashed in some area of asia
i think laos or vietnam
and things were on fire all around
and i kept telling those around me we were going to be okay
and as i got off the plane
all i could remember was i left my purse on board
and how would i get home
and would the airline take care of me since i was travelling standby
some would worry about getting away from the plane
but mine was whether i needed my airline id to get home!
it was cold meeting airplanes on the tarmac last night

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