Thursday, February 02, 2006

these real changes in the 30s

what i have noticed about myself is that i stand up for myself, for what i think is right
am ready for confrontation if required
am confident in my beliefs and my growing wisdom...the benefit of starting to get it!
it is shedding all of the stupidity of facades, self-fabrication, substitutions of what's real with bravado
those are all shells
and these i think are the real growing pains in my life
and i understand why the demographic shift doesn't happen until one is well into the thirties
good bad polarities
not really noticing them
now that i am seeing what is real honest true
and sometimes disappointed by it all as well
but grateful that the focus on the insignificant is falling away
and i am progressively slowly and constantly awakening
and knowing more about myself
and how liberating that is
and i am celebrating sorrow and joy and really feeling them
unlike anything i thought i knew before

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