Saturday, November 08, 2008

yet more about bs

it's another baking soda post
i have been trying to find no-poo recipes that would be easy to do
i had tried just using apple cider vinegar but it dried my hair out even more
but i think i have found another process i am ready to try...

baking soda - dilute 1tbsp in one glass of water
and then either
acv diluted
lemon juice diluted
i think i'll make a spray bottle up so i can add some essential oils

then i'll try something along the following routine:

1 wet hair
2 bs in cup with warm water
3 scrub scalp
4 rinse
5 use diluted acv or lj
6 rinse again

will see how it works

also, i managed to spill half a bottle of tea tree oil behind my washer - strong!

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