Sunday, November 23, 2008

wow, big surprise, call babywearing mamas crazy - thanks, motrin

the only one who is crazy is the dimwit who approved of this ad. it has since been pulled, but really - how STUPID can a company be? my dh has bought motrin before, and guess what...never again. that people in that company thought it was fit to be an ad campaign shows how unbelievably out-of-touch they are. seriously makes me want to go their company headquarters, wear little c in the sling, take him out of the sling, remove cloth diaper and let him foul as much of the building as possible....would be preferable if it was the CEO's office, but since i wear c in a sling i'm already crazy in their eyes...blech

the original ad

the witty retort

the half-assed apology letter on their site. stupid company, don't piss off mamas.

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