Saturday, May 29, 2010

bean veggie burger

now frozen patties!

have continued with my theme of trying to come up with recipes using beans
so veggie burger seemed a natural fit

i made sort of an asian flavoured patty that kind of also worked as a big falafel style patty - don't seem to match but they do

what i used
1 can chickpeas
1 can white kidney beans both rinsed
handful of cilantro
3 spring onions
3 end pieces of 12 grain whole grain bread
about 3 tbsp soy sauce
about 1 tbsp fish sauce
about a tsp of curry powder
tsp of minced garlic
two eggs
- i used the hand blender to chop up the bread/cilantro and spring onions into bread crumbs
- i mashed the beans with my with food!
and mixed everything together and made patties - bigger than meatballs, smaller than my palm
- fried them in a bit of olive oil
and delicious!

for the asian style take
- put patty in lettuce leaf with steamed bok choy, spring onion and siracha sauce

for the middle eastern take
- put patty in lettuce leaf with mushrooms (cooked in chicken stock), spring onion and tzatziki

yum! this recipe invention was delicious and lots of good bean fiber!

i should have taken a better pic, but froze half of what i made (made about 15 patties)

even the 7mth old loved it!

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