Saturday, May 08, 2010

when i can't line dry

looks like a wet weekend in store for us

but with two bubs, one still in diapers (and we cloth diaper), the laundry doesn't end. from april to november-ish we try to line dry as much as possible

but sometimes the rain does interfere.
i don't use dryer sheets, i don't use any cleaning or laundering products with phosphates or petroleum in them. those things do emit off-gases - and can irritate the nasal passages. i left those products behind years ago.

in any case, when i have to use the dryer, i use two things to decrease static - wool dryer balls and aluminum foil. in terms of aluminum foil, i simply scrunch a bit of foil into a ball and toss it in - no static cling, no emissions - all good.

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