Monday, July 26, 2010

food for thought and travel

i was just eating my lunch - slices of prosciutto from the deli, a sliced hot house tomato, and chunks of cantaloupe and not only was it delicious
but i was transported
taken back to the places where i savoured these same things
sweet, savoury memories

and it got me thinking about how central food is to the travelling experience. the monuments, historical sites, beaches and beauty are great
but what i go back to seems to be the food.

so i thought about the connection of food
not just where it came from and how it arrived on my plate
but when i travel
how i am instantly connected to another culture by eating their food
and when i reflect on it
it is amazing how a meal can join you with people you have seemingly nothing in common with


when i think of places i didn't particularly like i can quickly conjure up a brilliant food memory

like albania - in tirana (a sad, neglected city of old communist buildings and the odd older building that somehow made it past the levelling ways of the soviets)
- i had the best seafood pizza i have probably ever had. the wine was terrible, but the perfect pizza replete with more scallops than i can count (and a whopping 4$ to boot) - well it was divine.

or meknes, morocco
- a delicious and perfect lamb tagine - teeming with steam and flavour - unequalled

or rethymno, crete
- the best gyro - loaded with french fries and garlic sauce that inevitably drowned the lips and chin...yum

these were a few places i didn't particularly like as a tourist, but as a food experience, fond, fond memories

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