Thursday, July 15, 2010

re-inventing leftovers night - asian

this is going to take up a few posts.
grocery supplies were low, and i had leftovers to use up so made it an asian-inspired night using re-invented leftovers

so this is part one

i had lots of leftover rice macaroni pasta - used about 3 cups worth
had a leftover cooked corn on the cob - cut the corn niblets off
pack of tofu
baby bok choy that needed to be used up

decided on teriyaki style sauce
(sorry don't remember exact measurements)
equal parts water and soy sauce
about a tsp of natural sugar (i used demerara this time)
dash of ginger
2 tbsp chopped cilantro

all thrown into the cast iron pan (wok was in use for another leftover concoction

this turned out well - 3yr old ate it, dh had seconds

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